Arborist Network is a Sydney tree care company where three generations have been caring for trees.

About Us

We have been providing arboricultural consultancy to a range of householders, companies and statutory bodies for more than four decades. Our clients include national and international clients.

Our team developed the accidental tree fatality database that is used by decision-makers around Australia. You can read the supporting presentation “A review of deaths in Australia from accidental tree failures.”

We believe that owning and managing trees should be enjoyable and affordable. We are conscious of the need not to overservice and to provide affordable advice at a cost that is proportionate to the issue at hand. While we have the capacity to provide a huge range of services and have an immense range of diagnostic tools and equipment from Tree Motion Sensors through to a Scanning Electron Microscope, the use of technology is intended to be an aid that should only be specified where it may provide information that alters an end outcome or where the client seeks secondary confirmation of a known outcome.

Our arborists are qualified at AQF Level 5 or higher. They are all members of the peak industry body Arboriculture Australia and are bound by the rules and the Code of Ethics of the Association. We are committed to keeping current with best industry practices and require all of our arborists to be actively participating in ongoing professional development. It is also likely that your consulting arborist will be active in the education of arborists from Levels 2-5.

Arborist training

Mark Hartley

Our senior consulting arborist, Mark Hartley, is an AQF Level 8 arborist. He is ISA certified (since 1990) and has extensive experience both within Australia and overseas. He is recognized as an expert in tree risk and has published peer-reviewed papers on the subject. In addition, he has presented research papers on tree risk, Aboriginal scar trees and tree transplanting at international and national arboricultural conferences.  Mark runs workshops on tree anatomy that are a sell-out success globally. He has worked as a court-appointed expert in the Land and Environment Court in NSW and as an expert in the Local, District, Land and Environment and Supreme Courts of NSW. Mark actively oversees the work of all of the consultants.

In addition, in 2011, Mark was the recipient of the highest honour bestowed by the industry – the International Society of Arboriculture Award of Merit in recognition of service in advancing the principles and practices of arboriculture.

Other personal awards include:

  • 2009 – TAFE NSW – State Medal
  • 2009 – Southwestern Sydney Institute of TAFE – Award for Academic Excellence- Diploma of Horticulture (Arboriculture)
  • 2017 – Arboriculture Australia – Presidents Award for contribution to Arboricultural Education

Our Awards

Our team is highly regarded worldwide, receiving six international awards of Excellence in Arboriculture from the TCIA for transplanting and tree pruning.

TCIA tree care industry

2003 Winner of the Tree Care Industry Association's Award for Excellence in Arboriculture - Honorable mention - Transplanting

excellence in arboriculture

2000 Winner of The National Arborist Association's Award of Distinction - for Excellence in Arboriculture - Tree Pruning

excellence in arboriculture

1999 Winner of the National Arborist Association's Grand Award for - Excellence in Arboriculture - Transplanting

excellence in arboriculture

1998 Winner of the National Arborist Association's Award of Distinction for - Excellence in Arboriculture - Tree Pruning

Excellence in arboriculture

1998 Winner of the National Arborist Association's Award of Distinction for - Excellence in Arboriculture - Transplanting

The Tree Doctor

1996 Winner Of The National Arborist Association's Grand Award For - Excellence In Arboriculture - Transplanting

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