Pruning & Removal Reports

Pruning and Removal

Tree Removal and Removal Reports

Most Councils require you to have a permit before removing and sometimes even pruning any tree. These Councils will often specify the limits of any permitted work. Still, you are not obligated to prune to the limits or even remove a tree you have a permit to remove. One of our consulting arborists can best advise you on what work is appropriate.


As a general rule, you need the Council’s consent to remove a tree (sometimes even a dead tree). Whilst there are exemptions, these exemptions vary from Council to Council. Therefore, you must check your Council’s Tree Preservation Order before removing any tree.


Hefty fines in excess of $1 million may apply if you breach a Tree Preservation Order. It is essential that you check with your Council and ensure that you have any appropriate permit/s prior to commencing any work.

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Council Reports

If Council consent is required, you will need to fill in the relevant application forms. Councils can require an arborist report to support an application to prune or remove trees on private property.

If an arborist report is required or preferred, we can arrange for an arborist who has minimum AQF Level 5 qualifications to attend the site, assess the tree/s and prepare the required documentation.

If the Council approves, they will issue you with a permit or letter of consent. This document must be on site when the work is being performed. Your Council does have the right to refuse any application, and you have the right to appeal any refusal.

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