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We developed these proprietary and trademarked products to fill a gap in the industry.


ArborbalmTM allows for rapid regrowth of the bark when applied shortly after the damage occurs.


Purpose developed trunk protection.


Arborbalm™ is a purpose-developed wound dressing. It is designed to treat injuries to the stem and should not be used to treat pruning cuts. It is a mixture of long-chain fatty acids, humectants, and other compounds to make it easier to apply and its durability.

All its components are used in the food, cosmetic and personal care industry, and as such, Arborbalm™ does not pose any known risk of personal harm. It can stain clothing and make your skin slippery/sticky, so wearing gloves is recommended if you apply it with your hands. It can be applied with a paintbrush, if it is first warmed.

How does Arborbalm™ work?

In simple terms, when the bark is removed from a tree, the exposed tissue is no longer protected by the bark. Most importantly, the cambium and xylem tissue starts to dehydrate.

When applied soon after damage (before complete dehydration occurs), the compounds in Arborbalm™ significantly inhibit moisture loss. Other compounds in Arborbalm™ cause rapid differentiation and division of any remaining live cambium and non-woody xylem cells. When these differentiate, they form new cambium and bark.

When should I use Arborbalm™?

Arborbalm™ should be applied as soon as possible to the exposed cambium and xylem tissue, ideally within hours or on the same day, to get the best results. Because the treatment works on cell division, the process is most effective during periods of rapid growth. The injured area can be kept moist by wrapping the wound with a damp clean cloth and cling wrap or moistening regularly with water until treatment can be undertaken. The area should not be scraped clean, although any loose bark can be removed or strapped back into position with adhesive tape.

Arborbalm™ is suitable for treating injuries to the trunk and stems, where the bark is removed. This includes damage where machinery, vehicles, animals, etc., cause bark removal. When applied promptly, Arborbalm™ has been used to effectively regenerate new bark on trees that have been completely ring-barked.

Arborbalm Trees
Tree bark

This Jacaranda tree with a 115mm calliper was accidentally ring-barked when it was being unloaded from a truck. It was treated with Arborbalm™ on the same day, and 99% closure had occurred within six months. This photo was taken almost 2 years later; the injury is practically undetectable.

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Why shouldn’t I use it on pruning cuts?

Arborbalm™ causes extremely rapid cell division. Since cambium and unlignified xylem occurs only on the outside margins of a pruning cut, wound wood is rapidly produced rather than cambium and phloem. This may result in cracking and “rams horning”.


Just like a bicycle helmet for your head, TrunkGuard™ is scientifically designed to absorb impact. It is used to protect tree trunks on development sites where there is a possibility of the trunk or stem being hit by plant or equipment.  TrunkGuard™ can withstand and absorb moderate construction impact – not that this should happen! When it occurs, trunk damage can be irreparable and frequently causes long-term problems!

Installation of a poorly designed system can injure a tree. That is why we have made TrunkGuard™ flexible, to allow for a snug fit whille providing substantially better padding than coventional systems. TrunkGuard™ is attached using hoop straps and screws and the generous padding ensures that the trunk can’t be damaged even if screws that are 6mm too long are used. It simply had to be fool proof.

We need to know the trunk diameter or the circumference to calculate how many pieces of TrunkGuard™ you need. Or you can calculate this yourself by measuring the circumference in millimeters and adding 310mm then diving this by 100. For example a tree with a 1,500 mm circumference will require 18 to 19 pieces of TrunkGuard™.

Heavy Duty TrunkGuard™

  • 2100 mm long x 100 mm wide.
  • 17 mm ply bonded to 50 mm thick foam.
  • Fully foam bonded.

Light Duty TrunkGuard™

  • 2100 mm long x 100 mm wide.
  • 12 mm ply bonded to 50 mm thick foam.
  • Spot foam only.

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